Decoration is express in order to simulate thoughts and emotions. It includes  the creation and means of expression such as literature, photography and painting.


As long as its surfaced, we can decorate. Its possible to turn any image in an artistic painting  which will give a special touch to your home a whole wall that will enlight all the room.


Trough digital printing, we decorate walls, furniture, doors, motorcycles, and more, it depends on your imagination. A flowered theme, with or without a pattern, a picture that you hold dear, an image that you found and like or even a Da Vinci masterpiece.


Fast and easy to apply, you’re able to embllish an entire room. Based on a theme of your choice using substracts such as Vinyl or rich-like as silk or even laser engraved PVC, glass, aluminium, wood, etc..



Renovate your old furniture or give new life to a simpler one.



Laser technology helps us create the most beautiful objects with an impressive ease on several kinds of materials.



Vespas or Ninjas? Yamaha or Honda? If we all have our preferences why not make our motorcycle really ours?



The ideial solution to change your space decoration over night and with little investment.

Works in this Category


Paper flower

A small sample of the details and beauty that can be achieved with laser technology.


Custom Canvas

It’s easy to transform a picture that you like or from your kids into a work of art.


Graffiti on the wall

Wallpaper was used to show some street art on our own home.


Custom Vespa

Custom made Vespa with vinyl granting it a touch of life and color