What’s 7Rabbits?

7Rabbits is a family company which dedicates itself to personalize decoration.


Why 7Rabbits?

Our last name is “Coelho” (Portuguese for rabbit) and we are seven (Dad, mom and 5 children) which makes the name 7Rabbits personal and funny.


I see you decorate furniture, do you also supply it?

Although we are mobile on our solutions, 7Rabbits dedicates itself to decorate something personal, already owned, nevertheless 7Rabbits already supplied a wide variety
of materials. Tell us your idea and we will start from there.


Why present such solutions?

Digital printing has been around for several years but only recently it has become accessible. It’s cheaper to renovate a piece of furniture or a division than buying
new ones. If your ideas are used in the decoration not only it becomes unique but also makes it really yours.


Digital printing uses both ink and paper. Isnít that harmful for the environment?

This is where 7Rabbits really excels. Contrary to the majority, 7rabbits utilizes Latex ink which is water based and completely environmental friendly. Every Ink cartridge
is Greenguard certified. Besides Ink, 7rabbits works with a wide variety of recyclable materials.


Even so, can it be harmful to children?

No, 7Rabbits utilizes inks with no smell, toxins or any other harmful material to your health or to the ones you love.


So, can they be used even in hospitals and restaurants?

Yes! Its 100% safe to every environment, even for hospitals and restaurants.


How can I contact you?

Our site has a section dedicated to contacts (phone, e-mail and address). If you want, you can leave your comments on our facebook page or on twitter (@7rabbitsPT)




Decoration is the action, process, technic or art of rendering anything even more beautiful.



Printing is to make or engrave an object.



Area reserved to professionals in Decoration, Architecture and Design.